UnaMesa Association

UnaMesa Association for Community Engagement

The UnaMesa Association, a 501.c(3) non-profit, strengthens communities by increasing the number and depth of meaningful connections. Located in Palo Alto, CA, we incubate projects such as the Magical Bridge Foundation and InPlay that create and promote new ways of connecting within and across communities. Our overarching goal is to work with networks of social enterprises to develop shared frameworks for valuing interactions and relationships. In our view, the purpose of "impact accounting" is to drive innovations in health, education, social services by making visible which opportunities and experiences are most meaningful in the lives of individuals and families.

Magical Bridge Playgrounds

Magical Bridge Playground

Where everyone plays

Since opening to the public in April 2015, Silicon Valley’s Magical Bridge Playground is heralded as the nation’s most innovative and inclusive playground, one where everyone can play. Magical Bridge’s success underscores the urgent need for playgrounds to address the unique play needs of everyone in the community. Today, Magical Bridge Foundation is poised to pour our seven years of research, design, and development expertise into building more Magical Bridge Playgrounds across the Bay Area and beyond. In the fall of 2016, the Magical Bridge Foundation operating as part of the UnaMesa Association signed an agreement with Redwood City to bring a new Magical Bridge Playground to their community.

InPlay Community Guides


Closing the opportunity gap

InPlay partners with schools to close the achievement gap by connecting disengaged, low-income children with out-of-school programs. Today more than two-thirds of children from low-income households in the US do not participate in out of school programs. Missing out on these expanded learning opportunities may be one of the most important factors leading to the achievement gap and drop-out crisis.

The InPlay web service launched in 2015 and currently serves families in Fremont, Oakland, and San Francisco.

Community Launchpad

UnaMesa CoLaunchpad

Valuing Meaningful Interactions

The CoLaunchpad provides a common space where members of the community who have the skills, commitment, and passion to build new social enterprises can come together to provide peer to peer support while developing and testing their approaches.

Impact Round Tables 2017

Frameworks for meaningful connection

We envision a network of social enterprises coming together to develop a shared framework and system for Impact Accounting that can drive increases in meaningful connections and wellbeing. During 2017 we will be working with a small number of organizations in the community to help them develop internal processes for impact accounting analogous to the financial accounting processes that everyone organization must implement. As with financial accounting, the impact accounting processes will be based on a shared framework and understanding that ultimately the value of a service is dependent on the choices and experiences of the individuals being served.